Collection: Rohingya

Books Unbound started with the Rohingya community, so this is really where it all began. In a small shelter in Thailand, where several Rohingya families sat in limbo, waiting for resettlement to the United States. Eventually, they made it to the US, while their family members fled to Bangladesh - and are now living in the World's Largest Refugee Camp. 

We found that informal learning is the most flexible and ideal alternative for a refugee living in an unpredictable, fluid environment. We started developing materials for Rohingya refugees living in refugee camps overseas. Our books were such a hit overseas, we decided to contextualize them to the Rohingya community in the USA. The Rohingya language is unwritten, so we collaborated with scholars and linguists to develop a written form. 

Our Rohingya materials are currently being used in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, and USA. 

Proceeds go to support our Rohingya education projects in Kutupalong, Bangladesh.

Everyone likes cartoons, especially the ones that look like them.

Our materials are simple, relatable, and culturally sensitive. Perfect for literate or illiterate learners of all ages.

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Every product can be contextualized to a new community and we're constantly looking for new opportunities! Do you know of a community that could use our resources?