Collection: Afghan

Learning materials contextualized for the Afghan community in the USA and beyond. 

Along with other English-speaking countries, the United States is receiving new arrivals of Afghan refugees. To aid in the integration process, we have designed culturally sensitive, contextualized learning materials for the Afghan community. Our materials are available in Dari, Pashto, and English - perfect for learning a new language or preserving one's mother tongue.

Grab a few books and welcome your Afghan neighbor to their new home!

Everyone likes cartoons, especially the ones that look like them.

Our materials are simple, relatable, and culturally sensitive. Perfect for literate or illiterate learners of all ages.
  • I am beyond grateful for the resources that Books Unbound has created!

    I work with many families from all around the world but primarily serve a lot of Afghan families. Having a book with English and Dari is so helpful! The kids are also so intrigued to see their own culture represented, especially now that they are in a new country for refuge.

    - Volunteer, Arizona

  • Resources that include their language are scarce...

    Our Afghan adult ESOL students were delighted to have the dictionaries. Resources that include their languages are scarce and these elicited big smiles!

    - Educator, USA

  • Books Unbound is helping to bridge the language gap for new families to have a smoother resettlement process. 

    The books are great quality, culturally appropriate and teach many of the immediate needs refugees may have. We look forward to seeing more resources that gear to the Afghan refugee population in USA.

    - Educator, Colorado

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Every product can be contextualized to a new community and we're constantly looking for new opportunities! Do you know of a community that could use our resources?