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We'd love your books, but we can't afford them. Can you donate them to us?

In a dream world with unlimited funds, we would love to shower the world with our wonderful books, free of charge.

The reality is, we also have bills to pay and a team to support, many of whom are refugees themselves.

Your purchase supports our diverse team and allows us to hire individuals who struggle to find work in their own countries.

If your organization has a limited budget, we recommend hosting a fundraiser or finding a sponsor who can acquire our books for your program.

We can even help you with marketing campaigns for fundraisers. Learn more here.

I want to order more than 50 books. How do I do this?

Great! Check out our bulk orders page for more information.

I'd love a sample of your books before I commit to a purchase. Is this possible?

Yes! Send us an email and we'll share a few sample pages of the product you're like to purchase.

Email me: sophie@books-unbound.org

How long will it take to receive my order?

We package & fulfill orders within 24 hours of the order placed (not including weekends or holidays).

We'll send you a confirmation email when your shipment goes out.

For questions, email us directly: sophie@books-unbound.org.

How do you choose which "target communities" to contextualize?

We create materials based on demand from the community. If you work with a marginalized community and believe our materials would be helpful for them (contextualized to their culture, of course), fill out this form. We'll be in touch!

Can you do custom projects for organizations / companies?

Yes, absolutely! We work as independent consultants for organizations to produce custom contextualized projects. See some of our previous work here.

Do you offer presentations / talks?

Yes! You can invite the founder of Books Unbound as a guest speaker for your school / church / event. Learn more here.

Can I buy your books for our programs in refugee camps?

Yes! If you work with Rohingya in Bangladesh, we deliver directly to Cox's Bazar. Contact us directly and we'll get an order going for you: sophie@books-unbound.org

Why don't you have a digital learning program / app?

We're old fashioned book lovers. In a world with rapidly advancing technology at every aspect of our lives, we try to encourage the usage of books in an attempt to reduce screen time for the younger generation.

There's something special about holding and sharing a physical book with one another. There may be a time when we choose to expand into the digital world, but for now we will stick with traditional books.

We do have a few children's animations you can check out.

Do you sell on Amazon?

Yes! You can check out our products here.

Questions? Contact us!