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For the Girls: Afghan Version

For the Girls: Afghan Version

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By girls, for girls.

For the Girls: Afghan Version was created by our team of female content creators, many of whom are refugees themselves. This book provides Afghan adolescent girls with a resource to prompt important conversations regarding women’s health.

Along with basic health practices, the book encourages creativity, innovation, and community-based work throughout all phases of life. The picture-based approach is designed to encourage girls to ask questions and spark conversation among their peers, regardless of their literacy level.

We recommend pairing this book with our Teacher Guide: For the Girls to receive lesson plan ideas, discussion topics, and group activities.


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Page size: 6" X 9"

Number of pages: 78

Languages: Dari, Pashto, and English


We recommend pairing this with our Teacher Guide for activity suggestions and discussion questions.

Organize a small girls' group and host regular meetings to go through the book together.

We also offer trainings for our book. Contact us for more info:


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Understanding how our bodies work empowers us to:

Make more educated decisions about our bodies

Recognize the close interconnection between our physical and mental health

Take action and be positive role models for our community

  • Skills Development

    Highlighting entrepreneurship, vocational skills, language development, and creative activities. Encouraging girls to explore and try new activities.

  • Mental Health

    Examples of family support, peer support, and ways we can help our community. Understanding our menstrual cycle and the role hormones play in our mental health.

  • Physical Health

    Providing physical activity recommendations & basic hygiene practices. Understanding our menstrual cycle and the role hormones play in our physical health.

Behind the Scenes: Book Development

~ Lesvos, Greece ~

It appears simple - but is far from it. Behind a page of cartoons is hours of research, miles of travel, endless cups of tea, and numerous iterations of artwork and translations.

Simple as it may appear, the work of creating this content has layers of depth, years of relationships built, and countless stories woven throughout the pages.

Learn more about how we developed this book:

Behind the Scenes

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