• You're a teacher -

    A new student from Afghanistan joins your class, mid-semester. He’s never been to school before, nor does he speak English. You’re among the first faces he encounters in a new country.

    Your task: make him feel at home.

  • The endless lesson planning begins -

    You scramble for online resources while grappling with understanding his background, language, and the trauma he's endured. Amidst countless Western-based pictorial books online, nothing feels relatable for the new student.

  • Back to the clipart -

    It looks like another late night of desperate copying / pasting of clipart and generic stock photos for you. There’s got to be something better than generic vector art and posed stock images of multicultural children...

What if there was a book with cartoons reflecting his own culture, in his own language?

Enter our Picture Dictionary:

We produce tailored picture-based materials to kickstart a refugee's education in a new country.

We design our books to:

  • Provide familiarity & belonging for refugees

  • Preserve ethnic minority language & culture

  • Foster cross-cultural learning for newcomers and welcomers

Not sure where to start?

Start with our #1 bestseller Picture Dictionary - the perfect Welcome Gift for new arrivals!

Various versions available for different communities.

Not sure if that's a good fit?

Scroll down to find your community & see what other resources we have!

"Highly recommend to other school districts...

Nice quality picture dictionaries which are wonderful for supporting our new arrivals from Afghanistan. The illustrations and tasks are lovely and very inclusive; also representative of the community!"

- Educator, USA

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